Workout Buddy X Review


Workout Buddy X Review and Bonus

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Workout Buddy X is based on exercices that build your muscles, improve your body shape and enables you to lose weight at the same time.


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What is Workout Buddy X all about?

Workout Buddy X is based on exercices that build your muscles, improve your body shape and enables you to lose weight at the same time.

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What’s inside Workout Buddy X?

#1: Total Body Evolution

Fun, fast, and furious. This “animal-style” high intensity circuit workout will burn massive calories and boost your metabolism. No equipment needed. Bootcamp specialist – Marlon John will show you how to “transform your body with your own body!

#2: Core Strength Fusion

Head Trainer – Philippe Til teaches you precise movements that tone your legs, buttocks, and arms while sculpting your core. This fusion of cardio, core, and resistance training will improve your mobility, balance, strength, and all athletic performance.

#3: Ultimate Fat Fighting Challenge

Ultimate Fat Fighting Challenge is a fun, fast, cardio kick boxing workout with punches, kicks, and MMA moves SEP the REAL way. Knock out the fat while having a blast doing it! Gain coordination, speed, agility, and stamina.

#4: Total Body Interval

  Total Body Interval is designed to widen the shoulder, thin down the waist line, and shape up your lower body. More importantly, you’ll ignite the Afterburn Effect and burn more fat at an elevated rate for 48 hours AFTER the workout!

#5: Core Strength Agility

 Build strong, lean, and ripped muscles with the most effective functional resistance training exercise. Start with no weights or grab two moderate weights (dumbbell or water bottle) to supercharge your fat-burning hormone and carve out the most defined 6-pack abs.

#6: Yoga-Ville

 Certified Yoga Instructor – Riyaana will challenge your deep core strength, expand your mobility and balance. Yoga is known to improve immune system, digestive functions and detoxify the body. We are literally transforming your body from the inside out!

+ 3 FREE Bonuses ($100 value)

Workout Buddy X Pros:

  • Full Video courses by Professional Trainers
  • Very easy program
  • 3 FREE Bonus
  • 30 Days Free Trial

Old School New Body Cons:

  • none

Workout Buddy X User’s Feedback:


Workout Buddy X Special Bonuses

Buy through my link above and you’ll get the following special bonuses. Just email your Credit Card receipt to

Bonus #1 – MASS Muscles Buildings in Minutes ($29 value)

Mass Muscles Building in Minutes

Bonus #2 – Wellness Fitness for you ($19 value)

Wellness Fitness for you

Bonus #3 – Understanding and avoiding Toxins ($27 value)

Understanding and Avoiding Toxins




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